Spice up your Restaurant business with magic by Bruce Erickson !

My magic performed for your restaurant customers can indirectly…

  • improve your sales
  • improve your frequency of visits
  • bring in new customers
  • reduce complaints when your kitchen is backed up
How? When people see 2, 3, or 4 illusions performed at their table, close-up, they are thrilled and often tweet or post on Facebook about the performance. Sometimes they snap a picture and upload it. This gives your restaurant added publicity on Twitter or Facebook. After seeing a magic performance at their table, patrons are much more likely to tell their friends, family, and co-workers the next day. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best.
If you have a large line of people waiting to get a table, then you may ask Erickson to perform for the patrons waiting upfront or in the bar.
Erickson’s restaurant magic uses playing cards, coins, ropes, silks, paper money, and sometimes psychic effects. He usually visits a table just after the people have ordered food. Then he gives them a 10 or 11 minute show. ¬†Bruce’s style is warm and personable. If you want happier customers and more¬†Word-of-mouth advertising, hire Bruce Erickson for two hours one night a week. He will perform one hour for FREE one evening if you want to see his style and the reaction of your patrons.