Make your bar, tavern or lounge even more popular with the Magic of Bruce Erickson !

What can Erickson Magic do for your bar? Well his magic can indirectly increase your sales.

  • His magic will make people standing in line less upset at the delay.
  • Erickson’s magic can bring couples closer together emotionally.
  • His magic will give your patrons something to post on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Bruce’s magic is designed to ASTONISH not to puzzle people. Therefore you can get loud applause and cheers from some tables.

Adding Excitement to a bar is always a good thing. Erickson will perform for bar patrons standing or sitting. Having a table is not necessary. If you want more excitement in your bar on a night that you do NOT have live music then call Bruce Erickson. He will show you a sample set of magic.