Corporate Meeting Magician

Hire a magician to liven up a long sales meeting, or hire Bruce Erickson to entertain your clients or vendors at a party. Each corporate event is different. For client or vendor parties I perform walk-around close-up magic for small groups. If you want 30 minutes of magic in the middle of an all day business meeting, I perform from a table and gear my material to your event. If you want a magician to draw more crowds to your booth at a trade show, then I use my sales skills to pitch your products and services using my magic. Call me and I can give you a proposal for your special event.

Wedding Reception Magician

Some of your wedding guests skip the ceremony and show up at your reception early. Sometimes your wedding photographer needs the bride and groom for 45 minutes after your ceremony. For these two reasons you should hire a magician to work your reception, entertaining the crowd until the bride and groom can enter. (Usually 1:15 after the first reception guests arrive.) Magic for these parties is usually done in walk-around style with close-up magic. I add a wedding theme to some of the magic effects. Make your wedding reception more memorable and entertaining with the magic of Bruce Erickson.

Private Party Magician

These are similar to adult birthday parties. I usually will stage a 30-minute magic show followed by walk-around magic or psychic effects for 90 minutes. If the party is at a bar or restaurant and takes on the feel of a cocktail party, then I change it to 120 minutes of walk-around magic. Magic is also perfect for Wedding receptions while the photographer takes photos and before the bride and groom show up. I grab the attention of small groups of people and perform 3 or 4 magic effects for them eliciting applause or shrieks or laughs and then move on to another small group. I have performed for after-prom parties from 1:00am to 4:00am in the morning (more than once).

Settings: homes, restaurants, bars, large tents, gymnasiums, schools, country clubs

Ages: 10 to 90


Edward J.
336d ago

Bruce did an excellent job at my recent wedding celebration party as a roving entertainer. There were all ages in our group including children and the magic was geared toward the audience which was very unique. My guests are still in awe trying to figure out parts of his act. Thanks Bruce, you did a terrific job!

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Birthday Party Magician

My birthday party magic can be themed for all close-up magic, all psychic/mentalism, or a combination. I love to make the party more memorable and fun using close-up illusions to amaze your guests. My goal is “astonishment.” I have entertained with cards, coins, silks, ropes, mind reading, levitation, and other small miracles. I do not do magic for children under 10. I can refer you to many of my friends who specialize in kids magic. The format is usually an intimate 30-minute magic show followed by 30 to 90 minutes of close-up magic depending on your party.

Settings: homes, restaurants, large tents, gymnasiums, schools, country clubs

Ages: 10 to 90

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Bruce Erickson’s magic is amazing, and so much fun. He is the best close-up magician I have ever seen! Allison Klein